Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sally Hansen Lustre Shine: Firefly Review

Mal: Well look at this. Seems we got here just in the nick of time. What does that make us?
Zoe: Big damn heroes, Sir.

--Firefly: Safe

So, this is news to precisely no one who's ever met me in person, but I'm kind of (read: completely) a geek. And well, if you are going to dangle an ultra-shiny duochrome (really multi-chrome, this baby's got lots of colors) in front of my geek besotted eyes, and call it Firefly, I'm going to have a positive reaction.

And if it's super-duper pretty, and awfully long lasting on top of that, well, there's gonna be squeeing.

There was indeed squeeing at the Raist household when I got this baby on my hands.

Two coats got slightly-translucent true-to-bottle color. And, in a pinch, one coat would have done it. This is awfully well pigmented. The colors range from pink to copper to gold to green. Pink and gold did their best to hide, only coming out when the light was exactly right, while copper and green were the dominant shades.

Same polish, different angles, so cool.

Pictures are great, but for this video is better. Bear in mind, since this is a wear test, I'm not wearing a top coat on this. That mirror shine is straight from the bottle.

Right after I put it on:

Twenty-four hours:

Tiny bit of tip wear.

Forty-eight hours:

Tiny bit more, and it's more visible in the pic than real life.

That was after the dreaded long, hot shower test, which has slain many a fine polish. For some reason, my fingernail flex and move a lot when they get too warm, and this plays havoc on my polishes. But not Firefly, it just rolled with it.

Seventy-two hours:

This is after the most strenuous thing I do with my hands these days, breaking down primal cuts of meat into individual portions. This means lots and lots of hand washing with, yet again, more steaming hot water. Plus, since I was turning full sirloins into steaks, that also means a lot of careful scrubbing of the nails and under the nails after. There's a bit of teeny-tiny chipping, and we've just hit the point where someone, looking at the nails from a foot or eighteen inches away, can almost see they aren't quite perfect.

So, it's clear, Firefly is going into the gold metal, winner category. I love this color. I love this name. I love the fact that I tossed everything I have at this polish and it just kept on trucking. It's bright. It's shiny. It's gold, green, copper, and pink. And it wears like a work horse without a top coat. With one, I'm sure you could get a full week or ten days out of this!

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